We can all use a good tip and sound advice while raising our children. Below you'll find a useful article from the Education World website!

Education World's Tips for Involved Parents

1. Talk to your child daily about school activities and experiences.

2. Talk with teachers regularly -- even when no problems exist.

3. Broaden your child's understanding of the world by visiting malls, museums, parks, zoos, universities, sports stadiums, theaters, transportation facilities, farms, and local landmarks.

4. Make learning relevant by encouraging activities that use what kids learn at school. Encourage kids to count money; make shopping lists; calculate costs, sales prices, and taxes; read menus and newspapers; and write letters.

5. Designate a specific time and place for homework.

6. Read to your child every day and encourage independent reading. Make frequent trips to the public library.

7. Set goals that are challenging but attainable.

8. Visit the school regularly and become involved in school activities as often as possible.

9. Become familiar with your child's curriculum and its required skills and goals.

10. Be aware that your attitudes about school -- and teachers -- influence your child's attitudes